Lagging for Friction Drive Belts

  • For standard drum motors
  • For food and hygienic applications
  • Flat belt, multi V-belt or round belt applications
  • High resistance to oil, ...

Lagging for Plastic Modular Belts

  • Specially produced lagging based on the specification of thermoplastic non-modular belt manufacturers
  • For food and hygienic applications
  •  ...

Lagging for positive drive solid homogenous belts

  • Specially produced lagging based on the specification of thermoplastic non-modular belt manufacturers
  • For food and hygienic applications
  •  ...

Sprockets for Plastic Modular Belts

  • For driving most common plastic modular belts
  • For standard asynchronous drum motors with frequency inverter. The frequency inverter ...

Backstops (for asynchronous drum motors only)

  • Preventing a run-back of the belt and load when the power supply is off
  • Single direction inclined belt conveyors
  • For i-series drum motors ...

Balancing (for asynchronous drum motors only)

  • High-speed conveyors
  • Weighing equipment
  • For i-series drum motors only
  • Not for synchronous drum motors

Any external modifications, like ...

Rectifiers (for asynchronous drum motors only)

  • The rectifier operates the electromagnetic brake
  • For drum motors with electromagnetic brake
  • For applications with frequent starts and ...

Feedback Devices

  • For applications which require control and monitoring of speed, direction, and position of the belt or load
  • For i- and D- series motors
  • E ...

Time is of the essence: it just has to be a new drum motor and rubber coated as well. Interroll can now offer a quality cold bonded or hot vulcanized drum motor to their customer requirements with a much shorter delivery time. With the latest manufacturing and test equipment available this enables all our customers to receive the highest quality rubber coating and excellent delivery times. We can offer rubber coated drive drums to cover PVC, PU and heavy duty conveyor belts, plus we have over 250 designs covering the majority of plastic modular belting. Our knowledge and experience is of great help to our customers when specifying their requirements.

Interroll is able to rubber coat from 500 to 1,000 shells or rollers per week, depending upon type and customer needs. Our Coating Center only supply rubber of the highest quality, whereby formulae and compounds are specified together with suppliers, confirming that they are available exclusively to the Coating Center.

In the Coating Center, 80% is hot vulcanised and 20% cold bonded. Cold bonding involves establishing a chemical bond between the vulcanised rubber and the shell. The shell is degreased and metal blasted in a fully automatic blasting chamber, and then rubber is transferred to the shell via a bonding process. This finished rubber usually has a smooth surface and is not processed further. 'Smooth' cold bonding shells are used for driving all types of belts except several modular belts.

Hot vulcanized shells are also degreased and blasted on the inner and outer surfaces. They are then subjected to a special 'primer finish'. An extruder coats the product with uncured rubber, and following that, an autoclave vulcanises the tubes at 150°C and a pressure of 5 bar. The shells are then subjected to an abrading process, and can be ground smooth, spherically, crowned or cylindrically. It is also possible to grind slots or profiles into the surface for driving full PU material or modular belts, in fact just as the customer desires. A unique CNC machine designed exclusively by Interroll is used for the grinding and profiling process.

Coating Center standard rubbers:

  • NBR Black, 65Shore A
  • NBR White, 70Shore A, FDA + EC1935
  • NBR Blue, 70Shore A, FDA + EC1935
  • Other qualities, colours and hardnesses can be supplied in accordance with customer requirements and volumes

  • Download Drum Motors Options (PDF. 1 MB)