From conveying goods to sorting and storing, Interroll has the right answer when it comes to the needs of the food sector. What’s more, thanks to their superior reliability and accuracy, Interroll products will help you grow your business by reducing costs and increasing productivity at the same time.

Food Industry does not only mean food processing, but also sorting, storage and transport of packed goods. So next to the ultra-hygenic products like our certified drum motor, the Interroll 24 technology conveyor and Crossbelt sorter offer highly efficient, zero maintenance solutions for distribution.

Belt Drives for the New Generation

Flexible, Robust and Ultra-Hygienic.

The new Drum Motor platform from Interroll combines the different motor concepts in a single design and makes it easy for customers to build their own and completely individual conveyor system.


Synchronous Drum Motor in food processing

Market leader groups such as Nestlé, Emmi, Danish Crown, Frito-Lay, Virto, Coca-Cola or MerAlliance use conveyor technology provided by the global Interroll Group. Quickly installed, these solutions shorten the return on investment of the material handling systems, from production right up to distribution.


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Food Industry does not only mean food processing, but also sorting, storage and transport of packed goods. So next to the ultra-hygenic products like our certified drum motor, the Interroll 24 technology conveyor and Crossbelt sorter offer highly efficient, zero maintenance solutions for distribution.

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White paper: Drum motors and gear motors in food manufacturing.

A study of the University of Parma compares drum motors and gear motors in the food industry. The results speak loud and clear.

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Fact Sheet: Food processing

Interroll customers recognize Interroll Drum Motor as a smart solution for safe and hygienic food manufacturing operations. Our Industry fact sheet shows you why.

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USDA certification

USDA awards the Interroll Drum Motor with certification: "The new drum motor is the most hygienic drive available for food manufacturers".

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Tailor-made solutions for the food industry

The food processing industry has to balance high efficiency and low cost simultaneously: It complies with strictest hygienic requirements and regulations. At the same time, companies in the food sector have to minimize their operating costs, for example by reducing energy consumption.

The Interroll solutions for food industry help strengthening the competitiveness of companies in their global marketplace. Interroll has a proven track record of supporting big names in the global food industry by providing efficient products and solutions such as hygienic drum motors, superior space-saving and energy-saving Dynamic Storage system as well as highly efficient and safe conveyors with 24 Volt technology. Among our customers are companies like:

  • Nestlé
  • FritoLay
  • CocaCola
  • Emmi
  • MerAlliance
  • Danish Crown
  • CORA
  • COOP

The Interroll Drum Motors have been specifically designed for belt conveyors and associated material handling equipment. This means that we take the worry and hard work out of your drive systems, leaving you to do what you do best, designing the best conveyor for the application. We have over 50 years of experience in the food processing industry and other extremely demanding industrial applications which we are happy to share with you. There is no doubt about it; the Interroll drive provides a quick and easy way of building maintenance-free, hygienic and energy-efficient belt conveyors. What more could you ask?

The motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and sealed inside a shell, therefore they are unlikely to fail due to harmful environmental conditions such as dust, liquids etc. Because all components are located inside the shell, drum motors take up much less space than conventional drives.

Fact Sheet: Food Processing Industry

Interroll customers recognize Interroll Drum Motor as a smart solution for safe and hygienic food manufacturing operations. Our industry fact sheet shows you why.

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Interroll CrossbeltSorter

As an independent supplier, Interroll offers a product range perfectly tailored to the value creation and requirements of system integrators. It includes installation-friendly sorters which are quick and easy-to-integrate into larger systems.

Interroll Conveyor Modules

Smart, economical, flexible. Interroll’s new generation conveyor modules are the most versatile and durable systems available, assuring highest availability and scalability for future growth. The new modular conveyor platform offer cost and energy efficiency and is truly plug-and-play solution, with standardized elements for simple on-site installation and reduced planning effort.

System extensions or reconfigurations are possible without significant structural changes. Additional modules perfectly dovetail into the existing conveyor line, with minimal application engineering work required on-site.

The use of standard components, highly efficient drive technology such as our 24VDC RollerDrive, and the lack of pneumatic are only some of the reasons why our systems will provide you with best-in-class payback times.

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Food, beverages and household goods need to be distributed in double-quick time. But how can space be organized in a way that makes your material flow run like clockwork? Renowned companies around the world have found the answer in dynamic storage technology.

“The new system allows us to make considerably better use of its existing goods distribution center and react quicker to the needs of the market“,

explains Matthias Schmitt, Head of the Procter & Gamble Distribution Center located in southern Germany. To save space and energy, P&G replaced drive-in racking with 19,500 pallet positions using gravity lanes.

Pallets safely roll down the 4 % incline between the loading and the unloading side on a FIFO (first in first out) basis.

Read more about the Procter & Gamble case – one step ahead with Interroll Dynamic Storage systems.

Pallet Flow System

Interroll is covering a large range of applications to improve the overall performance of warehousing and distribution centers. From FIFO (First In First Out) to LIFO (Last In First Out) applications, from buffer to picking and dispatch lanes, Interroll always has the right solution to cover your needs.

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Interroll received the international EHEDG certification for its innovative Synchronous Drum Motors.

This means that the food processing industry now can take advantage of a particularly energy-saving drive solution for material handling that also meets the highest international hygiene standards.

“We are really happy and content that we have been rewarded the prestigious and globally renowned EHEDG Class I Certification” 

says Dr. Hauke Tiedemann, Managing Director of Center of Excellence for Drum Motors. We are now helping our customers in the food processing industry at a maximum level. The EHEDG Class I Certification is the most complex and demanding hygienic appreciation one can achieve, based on real measureable benefits in terms of easier cleaning and less food contamination risks in the production environment – and these benefits we are now forwarding to our ever quality focused customers.

Read more about the EHEDG certification for Interroll’s Synchronous Drum Motors.

Interroll was awarded a gold medal for the Synchronous Drum Motor at the International FoodTec Award 2012 in Cologne. Companies from the international food industry and suppliers were honored for their outstanding innovation projects.

"We are proud of having received this prestigious award", confirms Dr. Ralf Garlichs, head of the division Interroll Products & Technology. "In addition to a growing number of customers using our new Synchronous Drum Motor for food processing the award testifies to the fact that we are pursuing the right trend and provide sustained innovative value to both customers and end users."

Interroll Centers of Excellence: Solutions for the Food Industry

Interroll Center of Excellence - Drum Motors (in Baal, Germany) provides you with optimized drive solutions for the food industry with the following mouth-watering features: hygienic design, easy installation, peak performance, zero maintenance and long-term reduction in operating costs. 

Interroll Center of Excellence - Rollers/RollerDrive (in Wermelskirchen, near Cologne, Germany) concentrates on conveyor rollers, RollerDrives and controls, used as key products in roller conveyors for container transport and other internal logistics systems. With an annual production volume of several million units, Interroll is currently seen in the logistics sector as the world's largest specialist manufacturer of conveyor rollers. 

Interroll Center of Excellence - Dynamic Storage (in La Roche sur Yon near Nantes, France) specializes in conveyor modules used in pallet and container flow storage areas for rapid-turnover products.

Interroll Center of Excellence - Conveyors & Sorters (in Sinsheim, Germany, near Heidelberg) concentrates on subsystems and modules implemented at key internal logistics points. These include roller conveyors and belt conveyors, belt curves and Crossbelt sorters. In this product sector, the company is responsible within the global Interroll Group for all technical concerns ranging from development and application engineering to production and support for local Interroll companies and customers.

The 15,700 square-meter (169,000 square feet) center is where the in-house design and manufacture of the entire product range takes place. This vertical integration allows us to control the quality of our products from A to Z and offer custom engineering support for our customers. 

Conveyor modules, Crossbelt sorters and other key products for material flow systems can be seen in the new customer center as demonstration systems. At our Interroll test center,customers can experience firsthand the testing of our custommade configurations for new projects.

Interroll Center of Excellence

Conveyors & Sorters

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Pallet & Carton Flow

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