Industry Solutions

Warehousing & Distribution

Interroll offers a wide range of solutions for warehousing and distribution centers worldwide. According to proven customer data, warehouses were built saving up to 50 % of space, distribution centers increased their performance by 55 %, energy consumption in the area of internal logistics dropped by up to 50 %.

Food Processing

Our unique products for the food industry are fully compliant with all major hygiene requirements and regulations. From conveying goods to sorting and storing, Interroll has the right answer when it comes to the needs of the food sector.


Interroll products are used in all aspects of air travel logistics. From the time your bag is checked until it is reclaimed, Interroll drum motors, rollers, and conveyors are used in the luggage handling areas of countless airports on all continents.

Courier Express Parcel

The Interroll Crossbelt Sorter is an extraordinary product for anyone looking for a high-quality solution for sorting documents, parcels, boxes and goods of all shapes and sizes, or handle returns.

Beverages (bottling)

Retrofit for the most modern botteling plant in Switzerland (Dynamic Storage). Limited spatial conditions, high CO2 reduction targets, and not least the utmost performance and continued function of the system proved to be hugely demanding. Pearlwater now dispatches up to 2,000 pallets each day.

Tire & Automotive

Our key products, like the cutting-edge 24V technology and drum motors, as efficient and compact belt drives, have been used for many years by market leaders like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and many more.

Logistics for eCommerce

This return handling area was modernized in just a few months by using modular conveyor platform (MCP). Result: double amount of returns can be processed. Productivity up by 30%.

Supermarket & Retailing

Interroll offers dedicated core technologies for all conveyor technology-driven supermarket applications: from the drum motors and conveyor rollers including all needed accessories such as mounting brackets and passive rollers up to pre-assembled and ready to install conveyor cassettes.

Industrial Production

With its broad product range, Interroll helps industries worldwide to achieve high throughputs and to reduce operational costs by saving space and energy at the same time.